elastic wiseguy suspenders

How to choose your suspenders

Suspenders can be worn anytime, anywhere, on any outfit and on any occasion, but how to select the most suitable one? There are hundreds of models, materials and types to choose from. How do you...

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jasmine sexy wiseguy suspenders

5 Reasons why Suspenders are SEXY!

1 – Anytime anywhere Suspenders look sexy on any outfit and look. It may seem impossible, but it’s actually the case. Leather suspenders on jeans and a denim shirt immediately create a hot, rugged style;...

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red wedding wiseguy suspenders 1.3 inch wide

Shooting Day Bangkok

It was an early Bangkok morning, the whole crew met each other at the Third Pig, waiting to have some fun. Tou and his crew we’re already in and as Ben arrived so did we....

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striped 1 inch trouser braces wiseguy suspenders

Bangkok Wiseguy

In order to get the vibe we feel fits Wiseguy Suspenders we have to find the right location. After roaming around the net and talking to some friends we find Schorem Barbershop, an old school men-only...

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