Elastic vs leather Suspenders

Elastic vs leather Suspenders

Whether you want to inspire awe and professionalism, hit on that girl sitting at the back or show off your trendiest retro look, you cannot go wrong with suspenders. However, picking the right material for the occasion is an important detail that can play in your favour and open all doors! Whether you wear suspenders with jeans or a suit, at a formal event or while working outdoors, the fabric your suspenders are made of says a lot about your style and personality. So make sure you pick the material that best speaks for the statement you want to make!

At Wiseguy Suspenders we have a range of leather and elastic suspenders to choose from. Here is our style guide on why and when to wear what!


Leather suspenders

Wiseguy Suspenders are made of Crazy Horse high-quality leather and come with lobster hooks on the front and classic clips on the back.

When to wear leather suspenders

For the bad guy, rugged, cowboy look (on jeans)

For the old school mysterious and adventurous look (on jeans, khaki/velvet pants)

For the classy, elegant, outstanding look (on a suit/tuxedo, at the office)


What leather suspenders say about you

You are hot and bold

You trust endurance and resistance

You believe in long-term commitments


Elastic suspenders

Wiseguy Suspenders are made from quality elastic fabric and finished with nickel adjusters; they come in a variety of colors, patterns and finishes.


When to wear elastic suspenders

For the fun, trendy casual look (choose a fun print or pattern)

For any outdoor job (choose the wide width)

For any night out (extremely versatile)


What elastic suspenders say about you

You like variety and versatility

You trust in the power of a smile

You enjoy life and like to take it easy