WTF Suspenders

WTF Suspenders

Marc, an old-school wiseguy and suspender fanatic contacted another wiseguy, Herman, which is me. He asked the only relevant question he could ask: Why the fuck have we not started a brand new suspender label yet?

Before I could say, ‘because nobody gives a shit…’ Marc said; I have a name, let’s call it Wiseguy Suspenders. This got me interested; it’s new, not just suspenders, Original Wiseguy Suspenders! I researched the product, the history and the people still wearing them and got very excited. I wear them now as well and next to comfort the look is great.

Obviously we got into it and contacted a wisegal, Nipapat a mutual business partner and friend. She loved the idea of working together again and started working on the production.

Now after hustling for a few months and a lot of trial and error, Wiseguy Suspenders is real. We got started on raw leather suspenders. With a confident look they keep up your pants and your image. We also got started on designing elastic suspenders and they look and feel great, they stand out, as a wiseguy should!

Are you a wiseguy, if not, surprise someone who is!