5 Reasons why Suspenders are SEXY!

1 – Anytime anywhere

Suspenders look sexy on any outfit and look. It may seem impossible, but it’s actually the case. Leather suspenders on jeans and a denim shirt immediately create a hot, rugged style; silk button-on suspenders on a suit give an unparalleled powerful, classy look. Suspenders look hot on a sleeveless shirt – or bare chest – and can give a sexy look to a casual, hipster vest. Loose suspenders on the side is probably the hottest – though not functional – way to wear them! The sexiest accessory to wear with suspenders? A fedora elegantly falling over your eyes and a glass of whisky in your hands!


2 – Turn around please

Unlike belts, which not always give your derriere the glamour it deserves, suspenders never let you down. Suspenders hold up your pants if you have a flat butt and make your behind look round and firm even if its glorious youthful days are gone. Suspenders keep your trousers high-wasted, which means they conceal bulging bellies! If you are in the best years of your life and all you want is to make everyone notice it, suspenders are what best underlines your sexy gluteus. Tip: when pouring a drink to a woman you want to seduce, wear suspenders and make sure to turn your back to her!


3 – Suspender Belt

Suspenders are the bigger and more visible version of women suspenders belt used to hold up stockings, which means...incredibly sexy! The elegance of the straps, the allusiveness of the metal clips or let alone the leather loop is irresistible. Imagine a woman in suspenders and stockings...isn’t that sexy? Well, that’s how women see you when you wear suspenders!


4 – Hot celebrities

Some of the sexiest men on Earth wear suspenders on and off the stage. Indeed, suspenders are celebrities’ latest favourite hot accessory. From sexy Alex Karev in “Grey’s Anatomy” to sophisticated Leonardo di Caprio in “The Great Gatsby”, suspenders is the detail that adds mystery and desire to fiction characters. Ashton Kutcher’s jaw-dropping photos in suspenders have toured the world and, when David Boreanaz was photographed wearing suspenders, influencer Renee Shipwash commented: “there is something about those suspenders that make me want to rip them off.”


5 -  Hold them up, take them down

The simplest reason why suspenders are sexy is that they hold trousers up. Which means that if they’re taken off, trousers go down...Got the hint? Suspenders are what best elicits a woman’s fantasy to undress you, and they are very erotic to take off...so why not improvise a strip-tease?

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  • I find that the girls love to playfully twang my braces, but the guys rib me about them. As a red-blooded male I happily continue to wear them!


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