Loops - Button set
Loops - Button set
Loops - Button set
Loops - Button set
Loops - Button set

Loops - Button set


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Wearing suspenders with our authentic Wiseguy leather loops and buttons is old & new school all at once.
Hardcore aficionados see it as the only way to wear them - we dare to say - wear your Wiseguy Suspenders any way you like!
If you do choose for button-on, you could sew in the 6 nylon buttons, 4 in the front, 2 in the back. Or/and use the original Wiseguy hammer-on buttons on the outside of your pants. A true statement and super easy to fix.

Important: our Wiseguy Suspenders can always be switched from clips to loops and back due to the flexible connector system!

The leather loop set includes:
• 3 Wiseguy handmade nubuck leather loops
• 8 Wiseguy hammer-on buttons | bachelor button suspenders
• 6 nylon buttons for sew-in
• Sewing kit (needle & thread)
• Wiseguy button 'distance indicator'


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