Collection: 1.36 inch/3.5 cm Wide

Wiseguy Suspenders come in two width sizes. 1 inch/2.54 cm and 1.36 inch/3.5 cm. It’s all about your style and preference but as a general rule of thumb (but who cares right?), the thinner ones are sometimes viewed as a bit more casual and the mid width, our 1.36 inch/3.5 cm, can work well for a more dressed up style. But it is all up to you as there is nothing more fashionable as you deciding what makes you look and in particular makes you feel good.

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  • Essential Gray Wide No. E333
    Gray on Camel Brown Suspenders wide straps (1.36 inch/3.5 cm) - Wiseguy Suspenders
  • Duck Gray Wide No. C313
    Duck Canvas Gray mens Suspenders with adjustable Elastic Back Strap - Wiseguy Suspenders
  • Tartan Gray-Black Wide No. E333
    Tartan Grey-black-white Suspenders wide straps (1.36 inch/ 3.5cm) - Wiseguy Suspenders
  • Satin Silver Wide No. E323
  • Dapper The Don Gray striped Wide No. E323