Associate Brown Slim No. F4010
Associate Brown Slim No. F4010
Associate Brown Slim No. F4010


Brown Slim No. F4010


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Size doesn’t matter. Easily adjustable to fit anyone!

S/M - 5’3" and 5’11" / 1.60 m - 1.80 m
M/L - 5’9” and 6’4” / 1.75 m - 1.95 m (default)
XL/XXL - 6’8” and 6’10” / 1.85 m - 2.10 m

Color: Dark Brown
Leather Parts: Dark Brown
Metal Parts: Brass colored
Width: 1 inch / 2,5 cm

Wiseguy Associate Suspenders are an elegant handmade hybrid of American nubuck leather and European elastic webbing. The back strap is elastic for utmost comfort with the flat adjuster for optimum personalised sizing. The front straps are partially leather and elastic webbing. The elastic webbing straps have adjusters for further fine tuning in size.
The leather has beautiful detailed stitching. Elegance combined with ruggedness. Wiseguy embossed nubuck leather back panel.
Never to let you down.

Never let you down.

Wiseguy Original products are made to last. We adhere and vow to slow fashion principles. Good design, comfort, highest quality ingredients.

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