Flex Leder Hosenträger

      34 Produkte

      34 Produkte

      Wiseguy Flex Leather Suspenders have been developed based upon the success of our Full Leather suspenders. We listened attentively to our community and got valuable feedback; if we’d be able to develop even more comfortable and Flexible Leather braces.

      Premium quality USA nubuck leather with a back-strap of the highest quality webbing are the ingredients for these beauties. When you sit down, stand up or do work which requires more flexibility, the Flex Leather Series do their work whilst never letting your pants down. The combination of nubuck leather front straps and the elastic webbing backstrap make the Flex Leather Suspenders ultra comfortable and adjustable.

      When to wear Leather Flex Suspenders?

      Wiseguy Leather Flex Suspenders are definitely a statement. They combine perfectly well with your most casual outfit but also wear them under a sports jacket or blazer on jeans for a sporty dressed-up look. There are no rules, you make them. What they do say about you is that you are an independent soul. You decide what you want to combine them with and they definitely contribute to a subtle stand-out attire.

      5 reasons why you should choose leather flex suspenders.

      1. We are THE store for leather flex suspenders because…

      We are THE suspenders store for the coolest looking quality braces. We started with suspenders - our name says it all - and our main focus is and will always remain suspenders. Hyper focussed and dedicated to making the best and coolest braces in the world. The name Wiseguy Suspenders also reveals our attitude. Not for the faint at heart, our products promise to perform and will compliment your attitude and attire. We believe that when wearing Wiseguy Suspenders, there is no better way of never letting your pants down. With a constantly expanding collection, do check in periodically for new solutions and products.

      2. The elastic part brings more comfort, because…

      At Wiseguy Suspenders we never stop thinking about how to improve our products, make them look and feel better and expand our collection. We want to hear from you as you are our ultimate ambassadors. If you like our products, you’ll spread the word. This is how we want to grow. We are nothing without our friends around the world using our products, you who demand the best in keeping your pants up. This is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. Yes, a good laugh at times (as much as possible actually) is super important and at the same time we are bloody serious and want to create the best braces in the world.

      We continue expanding the Wiseguy collection. Not only in width sizes but also by adding the flex system and new leather colors. The flex system is a revolution in leather suspenders as they look great but the added comfort of a webbing back-strap makes them super user friendly. We want to hear from you what you think of our products! We’d also love to see you wear them - do share on Instagram please. We'd love to repost your unique suspenders outfit on our platform.

      3. Suspenders are more stylish than a belt if you ask us…

      Have you considered ditching the belt at times and adding suspenders? We at Wiseguy Suspenders know that suspenders are not only more stylish and a true fashion statement but they actually make wearing pants more comfortable and they are definitely the healthier choice. Why? Well, they don’t pinch your gut and will never give you that ‘strangling’ feeling around your hips or waist.. Even after a big dinner out.

      4. Why suspender with belt are not done...

      Wiseguy Suspenders are normally not worn with a belt. Ok, everybody creates their own style and we are all for that - but ouch - when we see a pair of Wiseguy’s combined with a belt it really hurts! The minimalist look of a pair of Wiseguy’s on your chest is more than enough - the belt does not add any additional function and it looks kind of messy. So please, don’t do it!

      5. Leather flex suspenders are great for both a formal and a casual look…

      You can combine your Wiseguy’s with many different looks. From super casual on a t-shirt to more formal with a (button down-) shirt and jacket. Also consider switching between clips, lobster hooks and buttons/loops. The connectors, on which the lobster hooks or clips are attached, can be opened and you can interchange between the different clasping systems. Loops/buttons set is an accessory. You can also play around with the front and back straps. Please check carefully which clasp system your Wiseguy’s come with to decide if you want to compliment them with other systems.

      The design proces of Wiseguy Suspenders

      So we went back to the design table and into the Wiseguy atelier to work feverishly with our signature leathers and elastic webbing. The result became the Flex Leather Series. Ever since introducing the Flex Leather Series we’ve been getting positive feedback from our friends and fans around the world.

      We hand build them one by one with the utmost care and without compromise. All metal parts are of premium quality. Our Flex Leather Suspenders look great on both men and women and create a timeless look. The nubuck leather patina will only become more beautiful as time passes. Wiseguy Flex Leather Suspenders work perfectly well in combination with a casual or more dressed up attire.

      How to make your decision between leather and flex leather Suspenders

      We can understand that we make it difficult for you to decide what to choose, Full Leather or Flex Leather. Basically, if you are a true purist and want all-leather suspenders, go for the Wiseguy Full Leather Suspenders. Just realise there is limited flexibility. If you are somewhat more practical but still want the authentic leather look and feel, we think the Flex Leather is a great choice. We have many clients that already have full leather braces who choose to add our Flex Leather Series for those days that you just want or need that bit more flexibility.

      We can also understand it’s challenging choosing between all elastic webbing or our flex leather suspenders. Basically, the Flex Leather Suspenders are a great choice as they definitely stand out a bit more than elastic webbing. Somewhat of a statement, leather suspenders look bold and create a powerful look. They also age wonderfully. When you are used to wearing full elastic suspenders, it might be an idea to start with the Flex Leather Series instead of the all leather suspenders.