Essential Vintage Blanc 2,5 cm Bretelles No. E5050
Vintage White on Camel Brown Suspenders slim straps (1 inch/2.54 cm) - Wiseguy Suspenders
Essential Vintage Blanc 2,5 cm Bretelles No. E5050

Essential Series
Vintage Blanc 2,5 cm Bretelles No. E5050

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Need help?

The difference between size and width

When we mention ‘Size’ it is related to your length. ‘Width’ is related to the width of the straps; these vary from 0.75 inch / 2 cm to 1.36 inch / 3.5 cm. This is a matter of style and wider straps can offer more support.

Is it possible to create my own suspenders?

Sure thing! We would love to fabricate your tailor made suspenders. Tailor made suspenders can be created out of existing materials from the products in our webshop. To create your own tailor made suspenders, mail us at and let us know which combinations you have in mind. We’re looking forward to your creative ideas!

How do we handle returns?

You can always return a product to us. We hope you’ll want to exchange it for another Wiseguy Original product but we happily refund you too.

Ces fines bretelles blanc cassé d'un pouce ont l'air très classe. Vous pouvez porter ces bretelles sur un costume, mais elles ont aussi l'air cool sur un joli jean avec quelques baskets. Avec notre troisième ajusteur dans le dos, elles vous iront toujours parfaitement.

Never let you down.

I prodotti Wiseguy Original sono fatti per durare. Aderiamo e giuriamo sui principi della slow fashion. Buon design, comfort, ingredienti di alta qualità.

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