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5 ways to wear Leather Suspenders

So you’re thinking of getting yourself a pair of leather Wiseguy’s or possibly already purchased a pair? How do you best wear leather Suspenders or combine them with your different outfits or styles?

Well, to start, consider the fact that you don’t need to wear a belt anymore - at least not all of the time when you wear Wiseguy nubuck leather Suspenders. That’s outfit freedom we’d say! Our leather suspenders will give your body more room to move and your look even more flair!

Full leather Suspenders basically match with a wide range of outfits; in our opinion, it is certainly not necessary to combine with same color shoes - those days are long gone - as the Suspenders are a fashion and function item on their own and can also be matched with your shirt, jacket, keychain or…..nothing.

We love the way our friends [ambassadors] wear them. Have a look at some of the outfit combinations. We say freestyle as much as you can or dare. There are no set rules. We hope we inspire you with some ideas and suggestions.

Your input and feedback is what keeps us alert and constantly improving our products. We love to get your feedback and see your style so not only we but all our friends and fans can learn and be inspired by your look. Do please share on Instagram with the hashtag #wiseguyoutfit

1 - Combining leather Wiseguy Suspenders with a more formal look and tie

Have you considered wearing Wiseguy leather Suspenders with a more formal look? Even combining your leather Suspenders with a nice shirt and tie? We know it can be done and the result is smashing.

We’ve seen many occasions during which our Wiseguy’s are worn in combination with a tie. Take weddings for example. Our Suspenders have witnessed many happy moments during the last few years.

Also, for a sportive business look, don’t hesitate to wear a nice button shirt with Wiseguy leather Suspenders, jeans, and a jacket. We think it looks awfully good.

Man wearing full leather Wiseguy Suspenders and a tie


2 - Combine leather with denim!

Wiseguy’s love combining leather and denim. Our favorite looks are often on jeans. We even cooperate with Denim brand Amsterdenim.

The Wiseguy Crazy Horse leather Suspenders not only look great on denim jeans but denim shirt too. And not only casually but we see more and more smart casual combinations of sport blazer, tie, denim shirt and jeans on a pair of Dr. Martens, Red Wing Shoes or nubuck 6 inch Timberland boots. Wiseguy’s make their own rules.

Woman and a man wearing denim and leather Wiseguy Suspenders


3 - Casual with button shirt and jeans

Wear your Wiseguy leather Suspenders on a button shirt and jeans. Wiseguy Crazy Horse leather Suspenders can easily be attached with the lobster hooks to your jeans belt loops.

Not only will they look great on you, but they are super easy to attach or remove. No longer a belt to squeeze your gut but comfortable leather suspenders which fit like a glove and make your look definitely more distinguished and unique.

The leather suspenders fit both men and women perfectly well and can combine with a multitude of shirt and jeans colors. The fact that the leather is unicolor makes them subtle and more easy to combine.

Guy with button shirt, jeans and leather Wiseguy Suspenders


4 - Solid (uni-colored) t-shirt and jeans

Ever considered wearing Wiseguy leather Suspenders on a t-shirt? We think it is one of the best looks. Casual and smart chique. A t-shirt tucked in your pants with a belt looks kind of awkward, a t-shirt tucked in your pants with leather Suspenders makes a fresh and inspiring look. How funny that is, right?

But it is true; the leather Suspenders will definitely stand out and you’ll be sure to get compliments on the look. Wearing leather Suspenders on a t-shirt and jeans will make you look slimmer too.

Man wearing a t-shirt, jeans and leather Wiseguy Suspenders


5 - Semi formal with dress shirt and jeans

In this age and day, suits are usually not necessary anymore. In the more creative industries and even beyond, a dress shirt and jeans will do the trick. When combining this with leather Suspenders, you’ll complement the look and people will notice your unique style.

If you decide to wear a dark blue blazer or sports jacket on top of this your look is complete. Certain things never go out of style. This one is a classic combination which will give you more dress confidence.

Man with button shirt, jeans and leather Wiseguy Suspenders


Now let's combine

Now that you know how to combine your full leather suspenders you can hopefully make a wise decision which one to choose from our assortment.

Please have a look at our collection and if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask us on Instagram or via

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