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Men’s fashion is enjoying resurgence towards old school cool, and nothing says old school cool like suspenders for men. The bespoke suspenders produced by the team at Wiseguy Suspenders have set the bar when it comes to mens suspenders. By using quality materials and offering a wide variety of styles and sizes, Wiseguy is driving dasdathe new revival of an old classic.

The Most Stylish, Unique & Practical Trouser Brace Suspenders for Men You Can Buy Online

There’s no doubt that wearing vintage mens suspenders or braces will elevate your look. Whether you’re donning a traditional suit and tie, or casual streetwear, the best mens suspenders online can be purchased from Wiseguy

Wiseguy Suspenders have painstakingly researched and developed unique suspenders for the discerning individual. All their braces and suspenders are customizable so you can wear them with comfort and confidence. When you buy mens suspenders online from Wiseguy, you won't have to worry about sizing and proportion, the adjustability of their mens suspenders means you will never have to worry about your trousers sitting neatly in place. Wiseguy caters for men of all sizes with mens suspenders to suit anyone from 1.5m (4,9 ft) to 2m (6,6 ft) tall

While the main function of men's suspenders is to keep your trousers up, Wiseguy Suspenders understand that modern consumers want more from the products they purchase online. The unique mens suspenders they produce are where functionality meets fashion. The right pair of mens suspenders have the ability to create a timeless look that will increase your coolness without even trying.


We Offer Many Different Styles and Materials for Our Men’s Suspenders Collection

The range of leather suspenders at Wiseguy is made using high-quality Crazy Horse leather. Each pair of leather suspenders are finished with classic hooks on the back and traditional lobster hooks at the front. Men’s trouser braces made from leather will add a retro feel to any outfit. You can pair leather suspenders with classic blue jeans for a casual weekend look, or add class to the traditional suit and tie for the office or formal social event.

The best mens suspenders are the ones worn with confidence. Wiseguy suspenders have a superior fit, and are made from quality materials; you won’t be able to help but feel confident.

You can browse the Wiseguy website to buy suspenders online and browse all the leather mens suspender options they have for sale.

All Our Men’s Suspenders Use High Quality Elastics

The range of mens suspenders from Wiseguy is varied and incredibly versatile. Made from high-grade quality elastic, the best suspenders will fast become your favorite accessory. The elastic men's suspenders are finished with nickel adjusters and come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics.

Men's suspenders made from elastic will give the wearer a little more room to move. Working outdoors, or busting moves on the dancefloor; elastic mens suspenders will keep trousers perfectly in place while adding old school charm to your look. Wiseguy’s online suspenders store is the only destination you’ll need for high quality elastic mens suspenders.

Our Range of Men’s Suspenders use different Materials Including Canvas & Denim

For effortlessly laidback style you can’t go past the range of canvas and denim men's suspenders available to buy online. Ethically conscious, the team at Wiseguy Suspenders uses a range of both new and salvaged materials for their men’s suspenders. All canvas and denim suspenders include the same quality leather parts and hardware for the finishing touches.

Denim and canvas men’s suspenders can be added to cargo pants and chinos for unexpected flair or used to dress down more formal attire. Whatever the occasion, there’s no doubt that Wiseguy men's suspenders will add retro cool to your overall vibe.

Choosing the Width of your Mens Suspenders Online

Wiseguy men's suspenders come in two widths. 1” mens suspenders are considered thin, while our range of 1.3” mens suspenders are considered mid-range. Both widths will give you the functionality you need with the classic look you want. The width of the means suspenders you choose is about personal preference and style.

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Handmade Suspenders

Find the most unique, handmade suspenders with leather and elastic details. We constantly improve our products!

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If you buy 3 suspenders, you'll get the fourth suspender for free!  Use this deal to match every outfit with a suspender!

Men’s Suspender Trouser Braces Styles for Sale - Which Stand the Test of Time

Men's suspenders are one of those products that have stood the test of time. In one way or another, mens suspenders have been around since the late 1800’s; with Mark Twain being one of the original patent holders. A pair of suspenders might not exist in everyone’s wardrobe, but for effortlessly cool cats, they are a necessity.

The original “wiseguy” at Wiseguy Suspenders is founder Marc Spits. At 80 years young, Marc was not content with the men’s trouser braces on the market and went about creating the best suspenders he wanted to wear himself and feel proud to supply them to the public. Marc wanted to share the expertise he’d gained from a lifetime of being a men's suspender wearer and ambassador; he has remained committed to quality craftsmanship and his beautifully designed men's suspenders.

Over time, and at age 83, Marc has handed the reigns to the next generation to carry on his vintage suspender style and legacy. Dynamic duo Peet and Mike are at the helm of keeping Marc’s dream of supplying the best men’s suspenders to the world. Peet is the master’s Maker who constructs all Wisguy’s men’s trouser braces with the utmost care, while Mike (Marc's son) spreads the word and sells their range of suspenders for men.

Marc’s passion and knowledge for men's suspenders, combined with his drive to bring old school charm to the new generations has resulted in arguably the best men's suspenders for sale online.

Men's suspenders are gaining traction as one of the must-have accessories for modern men. No longer just for farmers, barbers, and formal events, a pair of men's suspenders can add sophistication to wedding parties, and make a useful, vintage style gift for groomsmen

Men's suspenders will be a unique, stylish and practical gift for anyone in your life, particularly for the man who has everything. Or treat yourself to a versatile accessory that will have you standing out in a crowd of candidates at your next job interview. The best men's suspenders will boost your confidence in almost any situation, among a society that sometimes seems to have forgotten that first impressions last. Dressing well, and adding a pop of personality in the form of men's suspenders will make sure you’re not forgotten whether at work or play.

Adjustable straps make men's suspenders accessible for everyone, no matter your shape or size. Clip-on suspenders made with high-quality materials like the ones you’ll find in the Wiseguys online store are made to last. Men's suspenders are an investment in your style, just like a well-fitting business shirt, or an eye-catching wristwatch.

Fast Shipping (3 to 6 Business Days) for All Our Men’s Suspender Trouser Braces Orders

If you needed one more reason to buy men's suspenders online from the team at Wiseguy Suspenders, here it is. When you buy mens suspenders online from Wiseguy, you can expect your mens trouser braces shipped within 3-6 business days. They know you don't want to want to sharpen your look with your new braces or suspenders, and you won't have too. Also, enjoy free shipping worldwide when you buy your men's suspenders online. There has never been a better time to add the versatility of mens trouser braces to your wardrobe. This timeless accessory is not just a pair of mens suspenders. It’s a nod to your personality; casually cool without trying too hard. You were born to stand out, so why try and fit in?

Wiseguy suspenders stand by their quality product, knowing their mens suspenders will “never let you down.”

All Our Suspenders for Men Come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

With a 30-day money back guarantee offered on all their full range of suspenders for men and mens braces you can order today risk free. Wiseguy products are built to last and impress; if you have any issues of concerns with your men's suspenders, Wiseguy has an extremely reasonable return policy that you can read all about here. You have nothing to lose, except maybe your street cred.

Try your first pair of Wiseguy mens suspenders without the worry and place your order today.

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