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Men’s fashion is enjoying resurgence towards old school cool, and nothing says old school cool like suspenders for men. The bespoke suspenders produced by the team at Wiseguy Suspenders have set the bar when it comes to mens suspenders. By using quality materials and offering a wide variety of styles and sizes, Wiseguy is driving dasdathe new revival of an old classic.

Available now: FaceWear by Wiseguy

FaceWear by Wiseguy is handcrafted in our studios with the utmost attention to detail. Embroidered with W monogram and comfortable straps for fixing around ears. We've made our non-surgical/non-medical masks to last and you can get a clean mask over and over again by washing them.


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Just a few moments until you receive your choice of leather, formal, casual or vintage suspenders on your doorstep!

Handmade Suspenders

Find the most unique, handmade suspenders with leather and elastic details. We constantly improve our products!

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If you buy 3 suspenders, you'll get the fourth suspender for free!  Use this deal to match every outfit with a suspender!

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