• Essential Army Green Wide No. E523
    Army Green Elastic Braces 1.3 inch wide with dark brown leather parts - Wiseguy Suspenders
  • Charger Sand Wide No. L223
    Charger Sand Elastic with Dark Brown Leather Back Strap Suspenders - Wiseguy Suspenders
  • Essential The Cloud Blue Slim No. E632
    Cloud Blue Wedding Suspenders thin Y back on Camel Brown 1 inch wide - Wiseguy Suspenders
  • Crazy Horse Dark Brown Wide No. L23
    Crazy Horse 1.3 inch Wide Dark Brown Genuine Nubuck Leather Suspenders - Wiseguy Suspenders
  • Hat Suspender Leather No. A22
  • Duck Ivory Wide No. C233
    The Duck Ivory Denim Braces with Camel Brown Leather Parts 1.3 inch - Wiseguy Suspenders
  • Dapper The Hitman Black Wide No. E013
    The Hitman Black & Grey stripe on Black & Black Suspenders wide straps (1.36 inch/3.5 cm) - Wiseguy Suspenders
  • Essential The Tuscany Slim No. E832
    The Tuscany Suspenders on Camel Brown & Brass slim straps (1 inch/ 2.5 cm) - Wiseguy Suspenders
  • FaceWear 3-pack Army Green, Navy, Black No. M95
  • Duck Mocca Wide No. C233
    The Duck Canvas Mocca Suspenders with Elastic Sand color back strap - Wiseguy Suspenders
  • FaceWear 3-pack Brownies No. M9
  • FaceWear Blue canvas and leather


Men’s fashion is enjoying resurgence towards old school cool, and nothing says old school cool like suspenders for men. The bespoke suspenders produced by the team at Wiseguy Suspenders have set the bar when it comes to mens suspenders. By using quality materials and offering a wide variety of styles and sizes, Wiseguy is driving dasdathe new revival of an old classic.

Mad Dog collection

At Wiseguy Suspenders, we need to play our part in limiting the impact on the environment.

Therefore we are happy to add braces from salvaged materials. The Mad Dog- salvaged is our first!

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Now available! Crazy Horse Oxblood Slim No. L52

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FaceWear by Wiseguy

Non medicale Face mask. handcrafted in our studios with the utmost attention to detail.

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About Wiseguy

The original “wiseguy” at Wiseguy Suspenders is founder Marc Spits. At 80 years young, Marc was not content with the men’s trouser braces on the market and went about creating the best suspenders he wanted to wear himself and feel proud to supply them to the public. Marc wanted to share the expertise he’d gained from a lifetime of being a men's suspender wearer and ambassador; he has remained committed to quality craftsmanship and his beautifully designed men's suspenders.

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