Shipping and delivery

Under €99 shipping costs €5,90
Over €99 shipping is for free

Under $99 shipping costs $5,90
Over $99 dollar shipping is for free

Under SGD50 shipping costs SGD 5,90
Over SGD50 shipping is free

Under GBP 99 shipping costs GBP 5,90
Over GBP 99 shipping is for free

It depends where you are located. We work with different logistical centers around the world and some ship on the weekend, others don’t so please don’t count on it - we don’t want to overpromise.

Typically, our delivery time ranges from 5 to 12 days.

However, if you require expedited shipping for exceptional circumstances, we kindly request you to contact us before placing your order. In such cases, we'll work together to find a suitable solution and ensure your needs are met.

Because we deliver worldwide, we deliver from multiple countries and logistical centers around the globe. That may be from Thailand, Germany, USA or UK.

We work with different partners for shipping. DHL and Amazon are preferred logistical partners.

Returns and refunds

You can always return a product to us. We hope you’ll want to exchange it for another Wiseguy Original product but we happily refund you too.

Returns are charged at the same amount as regular shipping costs. In the rare situation that your product is defective we’ll refund you return shipping.

When you return, we’ll refund your payment at once upon reception of the product.

Not really, we ask you to return the product that you don’t want to keep and place a new order for the product you would like to get from us.


In most cases our webshop detects mistakes made in contact information before your order will be placed definitively. If not, mail us at info@wiseguyoriginal.com.

Please include your order number and the correct information so we can change your contact information.

After your order has been placed, our team will start to pick the products you’ve ordered. Your order can therefore not be changed.

Once your order has been processed it is not possible to cancel it. However, you always have the right to return or exchange.

Unfortunately we can’t totally prevent that the confirmation mail will end up in your spam. Have a look at your spam folder to be sure. If it isn’t in the spam folder, please contact us at info@wiseguyoriginal.com using the email address you’ve placed the order with.

Custom suspenders

Sure thing! We would love to fabricate your tailor made suspenders. Tailor made suspenders can be created out of existing materials from the products in our webshop. To create your own tailor made suspenders, mail us at info@wiseguyoriginal.com and let us know which combinations you have in mind. We’re looking forward to your creative ideas!

The suspenders will have been customized to your personal taste and preference. Because of this personalization, we won't be able to accept returns for it.

We don’t charge extra for customization (if things don’t get too complicated) as we’d love to be your custom Suspenders tailor of choice. 

We do ask for a minimum total order amount of USD 220 as creating your custom Suspenders requires lots of extra time. You can decide to order from 1 pair of custom, mix with standard collection Suspenders or even make a mix of products from our total Wiseguy assortment (boxers, t-shirts, etc). 

Our promotion of buy 3, get the 4th pair for free still applies and you can also use accumulated reward points towards your purchase! 

As we need to ship your custom masterpiece(s) directly from our workshop in Thailand, we ask you to pay these express shipping costs which are standard USD 35 for worldwide shipping. 

For custom orders, we cannot offer any promotions or discounts. However, when you order 3 we still gift a 4th pair. Extra shipping costs of 35 USD apply.

Product information

Is something wrong with your order? We’ll always fix the problem so you are fully satisfied. Our ‘Never let you down.’ guarantee always applies! Pretty please don’t review us until we’ve solved a possible issue. For any issues please mail us at: info@wiseguyoriginal.com. Or contact us by chat by clicking the button on the bottom right of every page.

Ouch, sorry! That was not our intention. Please send us some photos of the damage at info@wiseguyoriginal.com and include your order number. We will send you the same new product when we have it in stock. If not we’ll ask you to choose another product or we’ll refund you - up to you.

Contact us at info@wiseguyoriginal.com and let us know what is missing!

Contact us at info@wiseguyoriginal.com and let us know what you did receive, what you should have received and what your order number is. We will send you the right product as soon as possible.

Our leather suspenders are made from authentic nubuck full grain leather. This is what really makes them stand out, but be advised that the leather may sometimes color bleed to your garment. However, this can easily be removed by spraying or rubbing vanish or stain remover (soap) on the spot prior to washing.


We do our utmost to answer you within 24 hours. If for some reason we have not responded within this time frame, please give us a shout.

Sizing and materials

When we mention ‘Size’ it is related to your length. ‘Width’ is related to the width of the straps; these vary from 0.75 inch / 2 cm to 1.36 inch / 3.5 cm. This is a matter of style and wider straps can offer more support.

We offer three different sizes: S/M, M/L and XL/XXL. M/L is our default and is used for the biggest part of our products. S/M and XL/XXL are only available for a few specific suspenders. You can filter those on the ‘All suspenders’ page to see them.

Wiseguy Suspenders come in three widths: skinny, slim and wide.

Skinny: 0.75 inch / 2 cm
Slim: 1 inch / 2,5 cm
Wide: 1.36 inch / 3,5 cm

Every product page consists of a ‘Size info’ section below the ‘Add to cart’ button. But since you’re already here, this would be our advice:


S/M: 5’3" and 5’11" / 1.60 m - 1.80 m
M/L: 5’9” and 6’4” / 1.75 m - 1.95 m
XL/XXL: 6’8” and 6’10” / 1.85 m - 2.10 m

T-shirt (Regular fit) / Long Sleeve (Regular fit) / Hoodie (Oversized fit)

- 35-37" (88-94 cm)
- 38-40" (95-101 cm)
- 41-43" (102-110 cm)
XL - 44-46" (111-120 cm)
XXL - 47-49" (121-130 cm)

Length HPS*
- 27" (68 cm)
- 28" (71 cm)
- 29" (74 cm)
XL - 30,5" (77 cm)
XXL - 32" (81cm)
* High Point Shoulder

Boxershorts (Regular fit)

- 29-31" (73-78 cm)
- 32-34" (81-87 cm)
- 35-37" (89-94 cm)
XL - 38-40" (96-101 cm)
XXL - 41-44" (104-11 cm)

Inside leg
- 9" (23 cm)
- 10" (25,5 cm)
- 11" (28 cm)
XL - 12" (30,5 cm)
XXL - 13" (32,5 cm)


At Wiseguy you can pay your orders with CreditCard and PayPal.

In certain situations, you can pay by invoice. Please send us your request at mike@wiseguyoriginal.com

Loyalty, discounts and promotions

We really like our Wiseguy community and therefore want to give something back to you. You can collect points within your account. After collecting enough points you can redeem those for a discount code. This can be $4, $10 or even $25 dollars! Your loyalty points are fully integrated with your customer account.

Read more about or loyalty program here.

If you're reading this, your discount is just two clicks away! Click here to go to the redemption section of your account, and then click 'Redeem' below the discount you wish to get.

Copy the code that appears, and use it at check-out!

Not really, except that there are minimum order values attached to the discount code. You can read all about the terms and conditions here.

There are multiple ways to earn points in your account. For example, you get a point for each dollar spent in our webshop, for signing up for our newsletters and filling in your birthday date.

Every action will be rewarded with a specific amount of points. You can save up your points for as long as you want. The higher the amount of points, the bigger your discounts!

To see which actions are rewarded and what amount of points are attached to them, click here and start earning.

We want to give a warm welcome to everyone. That's why there is a $10 discount up for grabs for every new customer. You can earn this discount by signing up to our newsletter.

The newsletter sign up is available on several pages, but the most commonly used is on our homepage. After completing the sign up, 100 points will be added to your account. Simply use them to redeem a $10 discount in your customer account.

Please note that you don't get rewarded for adding your birthday, but for having your birthday. Therefore, your points will be awarded on the big day itself!

Has it been your birthday, but you still didn't get your points? Then we've got some explaining to do. Sorry about this. If your birthday is within 30 days from the moment you entered it into your account, the points will be awarded with a delay of up to 30 days. This only happens the first year, next year we'll be in time!

If this doesn't sound like your situation, please contact us at info@wiseguyoriginal.com

No! Although the system shows loyalty discounts as dollar values in some countries, the discount will always convert to the currency you are using at checkout. If you're shopping in € for example, your code will apply a €10 discount instead of a $10 one.

It is not possible to combine discounts and/or promotions. For every purchase, only one discount code can be applied. Technically every promotion is a discount code, even the "every 4th suspenders for free". Therefore it's not possible to benefit from two different promotions with a single purchase.

Unfortunately all discounts are calculated automatically. We cannot give discounts retroactively. However, your discount code will remain valid for your next purchase (if no time related terms and conditions apply).

For logistic reasons it is not possibly to retroactively add products to orders. In most cases, fulfillment is automatic and instant. Therefore we can't add a product if the package is already on its way.