About Wiseguy Suspenders 

Marc Spits, serial entrepreneur - started Wiseguy Suspenders at the young age of 80. Being a suspender aficionado and not finding the look and feel he was craving for, he decided to create his own suspenders company in Singapore. And so he did...
Marc has decided to take it a bit easier nowadays at the wise age of almost 83 but wants his dream to continue and prosper. Peet Hoog (building them) and Marc’s son Mike (selling them) have taken over Marc’s brainchild to continue nurturing it into the coolest suspender business on planet earth and beyond. 


We create outspoken, artistic and funky suspenders. In order to do so we use the best materials sourced worldwide and create bespoke, original and exclusive Wiseguy Suspenders designs. It’s our mission to create stunning suspenders which make you stand out from the pack. 


Wearing Suspenders is a statement. Wearing Wiseguy Suspenders confirms that statement. Wiseguy Suspenders not only compliment your look but they make wearing pants a better experience. Suspenders were almost gone; but they are making a roaring come-back! Wiseguy Suspenders are created with our creative and artistic values from first class materials and rocking ideas. We are here to offer an alternative to all the mundane suspenders out there. These are suspenders your grandfather wished to have been around years before. We’d so much appreciate to hear from you with your suggestions/ideas and more importantly, would love to see you wearing our Wiseguy Suspenders which we have painstakingly hand-built for you.
Wiseguy SuspendersThe best part is, they hold up your pants! 
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