Burgundy elastic Wiseguy Suspenders on jeans

Clip-on vs Button Suspenders

There is a big debate on whether the clip-on or button-on suspenders should be worn and why. Many believe the choice between the two clearly indicates your personality and style, and it is true that purists would only wear one or the other according to the specific look they want to achieve.

Elastic suspenders on solid white t-shirtElastic suspenders on white button shirt

Wiseguy Suspenders come standard with clip-ons

The loops set can be optionally ordered. It includes 3 handmade authentic nubuck leather loops, 8 signature hammer-on Wiseguy (W branded) buttons, 6 regular sew-in nylon buttons and needle and threat. We have also created a simple but effective “spacing” measurement indicator so you sew or hammer your buttons in the right spot on your trousers.

Our handmade authentic leather Wiseguy connectors make it possible to change your look any time from clips to loops and back.   

What clip-on suspenders say about you:

  • You are a hipster with a trendy yet casual look
  • You are busy and love comfort and convenience
  • You are a heavy-duty handy-man and use suspenders at work
  • You can’t be bothered in spending time to achieve the perfect look but you still care about it
Red Wiseguy Suspenders on black solid t-shirt

When to wear clip-on suspenders:

  • For a slick and sharp office look
  • For a house party or casual night out
  • To turn any oversized trousers into protective/sporting workwear


Cons of wearing clip-on suspenders:

Over time, some clip fasteners can damage the waistband of your clothes, especially the “pin-clips” or “alligator clasps”, which feature little teeth that squeeze into the material for a stronger hold.


What button-on suspenders say about you:

  • You are a refined person attentive to details
  • You put an effort into sourcing and wearing quality garments
  • You care about your style and take time to achieve it
Barber wearing Schorem Wiseguy Suspenders

When to wear button-on suspenders:

  • For an elegant style
  • With a suit
  • To turn any style into a smart, classy and outstanding look


Cons of wearing button-on suspenders

Beauty takes time and you will have to have buttons sewn to all the trousers you intend to wear with suspenders!


Did you know?

Button-fastened suspenders came first, as metal clasps were invented in 1894 only.

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