Wiseguy Attitude

Edition: #02
Name: Shane Wezenberg
Date: July 1

Instagram: shanewzb
Shane is wearing the Essential Warlord Slim No. E5048

Tell us a little about yourself please? What do you do in normal life?I used to dance for a living and after a short career with a lot of uncertainties I got offered a job as a Cuban cigar specialist which is what I am doing at the moment.

What made you start dressing as you do? How would you describe your style and how has your way of dressing evolved over the years?I always loved old fashioned movies and the style men used to have but I was always a bit worried that it would look strange or that I would receive comments but when Peaky Blinders started airing it felt as a pivotal moment and I decided to change my entire wardrobe into everything that I wanted to wear.

Are there things you wore in the past which you’d never touch again? And which products do you consider to be your absolute evergreens?
Haha, I have had a gothic period in my life so I will probably not wear any black pants with metallic chains on the side ever but never say never. My favorite pieces of wardrobe are my Redwings, Stetson cap, dark blue Wiseguy Suspenders and every highwaisted pants that I can still fit in after the covid 19 pounds that I unwantedly gained.

Do you have any style idols? What inspires you? Where do you get your ideas from? Which stores do you like to shop?
I do not think that I really have style idols but I do get affected a lot by cool pics on social media and pinterest or movies and tv shows where people are wearing similar outfits or styles to what I prefer with different details and then I get inspired and experiment myself. There are a lot of shops in Amsterdam that I like to visit such as:

- Concrete matter
- English hatter
- Ckx Studio
- If denim
- Rumble Speedshop
- Rusty Gold

Are there products you’re considering wearing but have not made it to your wardrobe yet?
A bucket hat because I have not found any that fit me and a 3 piece suit tailored for me because I just do not find the time and excuses to pay for that even though I believe that every person should own 1 really good suit.

Can you suggest and show us your most basic look which you believe should be part of any wardrobe?
Easy! Classic White t-shirt, denim jeans (not too dark not too light), leather jacket and black shoes, may it be sneakers, Dr. Martens or Timberlands. This can be accessorized with any kind of item by Wiseguy Original! 

When did you start wearing suspenders? How do you make the combinations work?
I started wearing them ever since I started wearing suits because I preferred suspenders over a belt on a suit but this was occasionally, it was not until Peaky Blinders aired that I started wearing them on a daily basis.

Can you tell and show us which products/brands make a favorite look/set for you? 
Oef I wish I could but there are just too many items that I love and this list would most likely never end. Therefore I can only recommend items that you feel good in.

Lobster hooks, clips or loops on your suspenders? Leather or elastic? Wide or slim or skinny? Any thoughts and suggestions on that? 
Just for the purpose of making sure that I can wear it on as many items as possible and with the idea in mind that I would go to a deserted island and can only bring 1 pair or else I would choose everything and where is the fun in that? Loops (feels more authentic) Elastic (easier to adjust with high waist and normal pants) Wide (looks more casual but because they are still suspender it would not be the end of world to wear on a suit).

Anything else you’d like to sharewith us?
Wear what you want to wear no matter how it looks as long as you feel comfortable and at the same time bad ass!

Never let you down.