Wiseguy Attitude

Edition: #01
Name: Carson Quinn
Date: June 17

Instagram: @carsonquinns
Carson is wearing the Statement Diamond Red Wide No. E5511

Tell us a little about yourself please? What do you do in ‘normal’ life and how did you get into this line of work?
Well I’m a barman by trade and I’ve been doing it for over 20 years. I’ve always loved this lifestyle and it’s been good to me. I get to travel a lot and I’m always meeting interesting people.

Do you consider yourself American or world citizen? How has Asia treated you so far? Ever going back to live in the US?
Personally I think calling yourself a “citizen of the world” sounds more American than just saying you’re American. When people ask me where I’m from I just say Phoenix because that’s where I grew up. I love living in Asia and no I don’t see myself ever moving back to the US. 

Your work takes you all over the world, right? Any anecdote on one of your jobs/travels? 
Oh wow, too many actually. When you work in bars and you travel around promoting your product at conventions and the like there’s always something happening. You’ll have to wait for my memoirs to be released though. ;)

So tell us a bit about your bars? 
Bar Bohem is the sister to my first bar in Bangkok, FKA Black Amber in Thonglor Soi 6, Bar Bohem is uniquely the only proper speakeasy on the island Koh Samui.

What made you start dressing as you do? How would you describe your style and how has your way of dressing evolved over the years? 
I’ve always dressed a bit on the edge of popular fashion and my style is constantly evolving. I didn’t really get into wearing braces (suspenders) until I was living in Tokyo about 8 years ago. For that bar the costumes I designed for the staff all had floral shirts paired hot pink or yellow braces and bow ties. We had a lot of fun there. My current style is fairly unique as it is primarily braces, ascots and sneakers. Everything is much more comfortable than what I used to wear which was waistcoats, neckties and boots. 

Now that you have your own bar, do you dress differently or what? 
Well owning your own bar means you’re there a lot more, but during service I do still don gentlemen’s regalia quite often.

Are there things you wore in the past which you’d never touch again? And which products do you consider to be your evergreens?
I can think of more pieces that I miss than anything I wouldn’t wear again. A shaved face is the only thing I can’t imagine putting on actually. My evergreens are always, my all black ascot, my custom Iron Balls Braces or my black Wiseguy Charger, my double breasted pukka apron (if i’m working) and my Jordans.

Do you have any style idols? 
David Bowie, Jack White, Salvador Dali.

Are there products you’re considering wearing but have not made it to your wardrobe yet? 
I’ve been trying to find a chapeau that suits me, but so far I haven’t really fallen in love with anything.

Can you suggest and show us some super basics which one definitely need in a wardrobe collection?
Personally if I only had one pair of braces it would be my black Wiseguy Charger, super comfortable and looks great with anything.

You are quite active on social media; what makes you tick and how do you create interesting content on a regular basis? 
Social media for me is just part of the job really, but it’s a good way to explore and share styles. I like to share pics of cocktails I’m making in my bars in between shots of myself or my kiddo.

When did you start wearing suspenders? How do you make the combinations work?
I like to style clash a lot. I like to pair things that would seem a bit clownish to many people. There’s a lot of fun in that. In Tokyo my barman was a bearded Hungarian model with a very rugged look and we would go out in our pop colored floral short sleeved button ups, hot pink braces, polka dot neckties pinned with pink cloth flowers and tattooed arms. Just going around riding the subway and sitting in a sea of black and white clad salarymen was hilarious. It’s a riot to be as weird as you can in Tokyo.

Which drink do you make ‘award winning’ and any suggestions on creating a beautiful G&T at home?
Well the G&T is one of the award winners and it can definitely be done at home. First thing you want to grab is a large burgundy glass, smack about 60ml of Iron Balls gin in there then fill it with large ice cubes, as much as you can fit. Add around 150ml of Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic and give it a quick stir. Garnish it with fresh cut pineapple and sweet basil and you’re ready to rock. 

Can you tell us which products/brands make a favorite look/set for you? 
I think I covered that already.

Lobster hooks, clips or loops on your suspenders? Leather or elastic? Wide or slim or skinny? Any thoughts and suggestions on that?
For me I’m a big guy with a lot of mass on top and the combination I like best is elastic or a hybrid leather/elastic combo with a wide ribbon and lobster claws in the back or on all 3 corners. I need to be sure the back is secure if I’m on my motorbike.

Anything else you’d like to sharewith us?
I really like working with you guys.

Never let you down.