Wiseguy Attitude

Edition: #04
Name: Dimitri Loubry
Date: August 26

Instagram: pinky_balls
Dimitri is wearing the Dapper Multitrack Blues Wide No. E5313

Dimitri, please tell us a bit about yourself? And may we ask your age?
My age isn’t a secret, I’ll gladly share this :) I will turn 51 in October!

I’m kind of a sporty guy and always have been into sports most of my life but mostly I am an artist! I’m a skilled actor and photographer, I like to be behind and in front of the camera.
I live in a small town near the French border surrounded by nature and a lot of cows and sheep:). I have a girlfriend and a dog.

How did you come about using the name Pinky Balls?
I needed something that was special and out of the ordinary! I didn’t want to use something like Bearded Tough Guy or Bearded Dimitri. We all know that I carry a beard so I thought to be original and choose a name that sounds good and stand for something! I hear you thinking out loud now! Pinky Balls??? Yes we all carry balls, right? Mine are pink! So yes Pinky Balls.

Your body looks great, have you been working out a lot and how do you stay fit?
Yes indeed, I’ve been working out since I was a young bloke! At a young age I joined the Belgian Special Forces for about four years, there I learned to keep your body fit and mind strong!

I work hard to maintain my body in a good state! But diet is the most important element and you need discipline to keep at it! I mostly eat for purpose and sometimes I eat for joy!

You have a huge amount of energy; we honestly love it! What drives you and any secret formula there?
There is no secret formula! Nike’s slogan is JUST DO IT.
The only thing that maybe helps a lot is meditation! I meditate every morning for about 15 minutes and it gives me energy and serenity during the day.

We understand you don’t do all this work by yourself? Can you tell us a bit about that?
No, it would be very difficult to get the work done all alone, I taught my girlfriend how to use the camera and she takes all of the shots of me you see on Instagram. She is very talented and also makes videos, she’s a great editor as well!

The detailing of your ‘art-direction and choreography’ is impressive, how did this come about?
Thanks, nice to hear! I’m used to being on film sets as an actor so there I keep my eyes open and of course I had my formation in the acting academy. So there you learn everything about movement and even dance, yoga and meditation.

What’s your favorite food dish? Do you cook?
A good big juicy steak is my favorite dish without the fries or creamy sauce! Like I said, diet is important in my ‘sport’.

Which clothing items do you consider to be your evergreens? Or does your style evolve constantly? What about shoes?
Definitely suits and hats, Pinky Balls is a die-hard Dandy! Shoes….oh yes, but they have to be handmade! Why handmade? Because you can wear them till you die! The quality you get with handmade shoes is totally different then other mainstream shoes!

Any style icons?
Tom Ford, Yves Saint Laurent, Elvis Pompilio… the list is too long.

Did you wear braces/suspenders before meeting the Wiseguy Original team? Any suggestions for people who have never considered wearing suspenders?
Yes, I was definitely wearing them! I think it adds a lot of style to your outfit and of course it feels nice not to wear a belt and having no pressure on your hips!

Already any favorites in the Wiseguy assortment? Wide, Slim or Skinny? Lobster hooks, clips or Loops? Leather or elastics?
Actually I like so many of the Wiseguy Suspenders … that’s the nice thing about Wiseguy, they all look very Wise!

Any fun anecdotes about yourself which most people don’t know about you yet?
Hahahaha…the best one is that years ago I decided to move out of Antwerp! I wanted to live quietly in nature and bought a very nice luxury trailer home and wanted to put it somewhere abandoned, but the law says you can’t place a trailer home on a piece of land! I could not buy any piece of land to put my trailer on!

So the only option was a camping and oh boy, that was not a very quiet and peaceful place! I stayed there three years and I still have nightmares of my camping experience!

Never let you down.