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How to choose your suspenders

Suspenders can be worn anytime, anywhere, on any outfit and on any occasion, but how to select the most suitable one? There are hundreds of models, materials and types to choose from. How do you know the right one for you? At Wiseguy Suspenders, we have drafted a brief fashion guide to help you get through the world of suspenders. So that you always rock it out there and don’t stay behind with fashion trends!

The main aspects to consider when looking at suspenders are:

  • Fabric/material
  • Button-on or clip ons
  • Width

Then, the questions to ask when choosing what suspenders to wear are:

  • Where am I going? What kind of event am I attending?
  • What look do I want to project?
  • What kind of personality do I want to show?
  • What clothes and accessories am I wearing suspenders with?

Let’s proceed in order. 


Suspenders come in many materials, but the most common difference can be made between elastic and non-elastic materials.

  • Elastic suspenders can be plain or with finishes such as glitter or they can feature intricate motifs, colourful patterns or fun prints. Generally, elastic suspenders are the most universal and also the cheapest ones. Go for the bright colourful if you want to be noticed for your bold and fun attitude and wear them on jeans or khaki pants. Great for a hipster, young look, but also for the everyday or casual business look. Stretchy, colourful suspenders are perfectly paired with sneakers and a fedora! Wiseguy suspenders are made of high quality elastic and high quality leather. 
  • Non-elastic suspenders are generally considered more “serious” or for the rugged type. Leather suspenders especially are often associated to the cowboy, bad yet cool guy. However, if worn with a suit or on a business attire, leather suspenders can really upgrade your look! Rarer or more sophisticated materials such as silk or jacquard will project the classiest look ever and will make you look stylish and high-class when paired with any outfit. Of course, better to pair them with elegant classic shoes!


Thick or thin? Well, think it well because it does make a difference!

  • Thin: 1,25cm to 2,5cm – for the stylish, flirty look
  • Mid-width: 3cm to 4cm – business casual look
  • Wide: 5cm or more – heavy duty, workwear


Generally speaking, button-on show an attentive personality and clip-ons a fun, dynamic look. This is simply due to the fact that it takes time to sew buttons to your pants, while clip-ons can be fastened and unfastened in less than a second. Also, button-ons are usually associated to the classy sophisticated look, while clip-ons to the younger, more casual style. However, some schools of thoughts consider button-on obsolete and some others state that clip-ons are a no-no-no. Our suggestions? Just follow what feels right for you! This is why all Wiseguy Suspenders come in both options, so you can be who you want to be and change your mind anytime!

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