How to Wear Suspenders on a Deep Black T-shirt

How to Wear Suspenders on a Deep Black T-shirt

We often say there’s a suspender for every occasion. Although some may argue that wearing suspenders is considered formal and overly stylish for some occasions, this is clearly not the case. With temperatures rising again, we’ve recently experienced an increasing amount of questions about wearing suspenders on just a black shirt. Many of our customers don’t want to give up on suspenders for easy-going and casual occasions. And why would  you? With the right  combinations, you’ll be able to pull off suspenders every day of the year!

Light colors on black

Although it is a common rule of thumb to never wear suspenders in a darker color than your shirt, there are some exceptions when it comes to black clothing. Wearing black offers the opportunity to get the most out of our lightest colors available. Take our off white Duck model for example. The canvas fabric will almost certainly add a touch of style to your favorite black outfit. This works the same for any light colored suspenders. So if you like the style on the pictures below, be sure to check out our available models to match it!

 Man wearing off white duck suspenders on black clothes

The classic all-black

So now we know about the option with light suspenders. But this may not be for you. Maybe it doesn’t suit your style or you don’t fancy our light colored models. Or possibly you maybe just don’t have one in your wardrobe and are thinking of getting that other model you’ve had your eye on for a while now. If for whatever reason light suspenders don’t work for you, don’t write off the classic black look just yet! We all know almost nothing can match the timeless look of an all black outfit. So why not just wear black on black? To pull off this classic, make sure to use suspenders that are at least as dark as your shirt. No color is darker than black, so avoid brown accents or undertones. If you don’t restrict yourself to leather materials, we’d recommend the all black E5010. This model is especially made for those looking for the all black outfit. Even the its clips are black! In case you happen to choose a different model but find yourself liking one without black connectors/parts, there’s always the option of customizing them with our black accessories. For the Crazy Horse F2111 for example, there’s the possibility of replacing the lobster hooks with black ones. If you prefer loops, there’s also our black loops button set and our all black loops clips

Man wearing black leather suspenders on black clothing. With hats hanging on the wall in the background

Statement on black

But it really isn’t just a matter of all black or white on black. Wearing a black shirt creates the opportunity to make a statement. Because your all black outfit may not turn heads, it’s easier to catch some attention for the pattern of your suspenders. Take our WTF Statement edition for example. WTF stands for, well… you know what it stands for. We dare you to bring that statement to life by wearing these awesome suspenders over an all black t-shirt. Or even match your black look with our statement skulls suspenders. A bit too bold for you? Maybe just assert your presence with our branded ACE Wiseguy suspenders. They’re even available with dark gray branding for those wanting to make a statement while going for the all black or ton-sur-ton look. It really doesn’t get much better than that.


Hoodies, t-shirts, longsleeves & blouses

Have we caught your attention and sparked your interest, but is your wardrobe still lacking classic deep black must-haves? We’ve got you covered. In our Everyday Essentials collection we’ve introduced a whole new world of Wiseguy Original fashion. This all you need black collection includes fashionable T-shirts, a 3-button Henley shirt, hoodies and even boxer shorts & beanies. The best part? Everything you see is made of organic GOTS certified material. Available with Wiseguy in your face or discreetly present branding, these essentials are guaranteed to give you the comfortably casual look you’re going for. We’d argue they’re even worth wearing without suspenders. But why would you ever, right?!

Man wearing black wiseguy longsleeve in front of rugged lockers


Well okay, maybe hoodies don’t take suspenders all that well… We say: don’t let this hold you back! You can still enjoy the comfort of suspenders while pulling off the casual hoodie look. Just wear them under your hoodie on top of your t-shirt below. This may sound useless, but hoodies are really quite wide and the suspenders will keep your pants up. So just give it a shot, we promise you won’t regret it!

Never let you down.

Team Wiseguy Original

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