Color and pattern lovers, eat your heart out! Wiseguy Original Elastic Suspenders are for the enterprising fashionista.
Our elastic webbing straps are made with utmost care in Europe by the leading quality webbing manufacturer. We add USA nubuck top-grain leather connector parts and our signature back-panel with Wiseguy Original embossing.
Combine your Wiseguy Original Elastic Suspenders with one of our variable connector systems for ultimate customization.



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Wiseguy Elastic webbing. Made in Europe. At Wiseguy, we seriously don’t believe in short cuts. We work with leading suppliers in each field of parts sourcing and our elastic webbing is of the highest European quality.

Yeah, we know and understand - everyone claims making the best quality but we painstakingly make this happen. We purchase our elastic webbing in Europe from the leading manufacturer in this field.

We consequently pay top Dollars as we don’t compromise on this essential part of the braces. There is elastic and there is Wiseguy elastic. Our webbing does not sag or fade and will never let you down. Basically, just try them on to really be convinced.

Here are some tips we recommend for styling with elastic suspenders

1. They fit at every occasion, because…

Wiseguy Elastic braces will compliment any outfit. Wear them ‘ton sur ton’ so they blend in with your shirt or purposely choose for a contrasting look on your shirt. We love the looks our Ambassador Carson creates; he chooses for a big contrast between shirt and braces. The more contrast the more creative the look. It’s funny that some people think of suspenders as out of fashion but the opposite is true. Some of the most creative outfits are complimented by suspenders making them stand out even more. Think of it like this; you add a bit of zest to your look and the result is absolutely impressive.

2. The ultimate kind of suspenders for both women and men, because…

Wiseguy Suspenders are made with the best European elastic webbing we can find. They look mighty good on both women and men, there is not a more unisex product out there. And the fun thing about it is, they make women look more femine and men more masculine. Isn’t that special? The plus point is that they are not only fashionable but ultra functional. Ever since the invention of braces, no other product to keep your pants up has been better. Weird that so little people actually wear suspenders!? Anyways, we notice that very fashionable and great personalities are purchasing Wiseguy Suspenders from us which makes us happy Wiseguy’s. Keep on sharing and spreading the word about suspenders.

3. Wide variety of colors to choose

Look at suspenders as part of your essentials. Why not make use of our offer to purchase 3 and get the 4th pair for free? This way, you can choose different colors and materials. We are one of the leading brands using different materials for suspenders. From all leather to combinations of leather parts and recycled fabrics like vintage US Army tents. Not only do they look great but they certainly make great conversation pieces, promised! We have a magnitude of different colors in our elastics and a number of our colors are available with different color leathers. If you are just starting to wear suspenders, it may be an idea to build a basic elastic collection and add to this - as time passes. We suggest to choose the super basics and always have these at hand in colors such as navy blue suspenders, red suspenders, black suspenders and maybe even white suspenders. Also, you may want to add some stripes too. When you have these colors and color combinations as part of your wardrobe, you’re always able to make great combinations and stand out looks.

Cooperation with Schorem Barbiers

At Wiseguy Suspenders, we love cooperating with other fine brands. Our first alliance was with the guys at Schorem Barbiers - the makers of Reuzel pomade. They started with their old school men’s barber in the working city of Rotterdam. We have created the barber pole elastic webbing for the cooperation, which has become part of the classic Wiseguy look.

Don’t know which Wiseguy’s to go for? Please read our blog on how to choose your suspenders.