Mad Dog - salvaged Suspenders 1.36 inch/3.5 cm wide


At Wiseguy Suspenders, we need to play our part in limiting the impact on the environment. Therefore we are happy to add braces from salvaged materials. The Mad Dog- salvaged is...

Clips only version | Medium/Large (1.60 m - 2.00 m / 5’3” - 6’7”)Clips only version | Medium/Large (1.60 m - 2.00 m / 5’3” - 6’7”)
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At Wiseguy Suspenders, we need to play our part in limiting the impact on the environment.

Therefore we are happy to add braces from salvaged materials. The Mad Dog- salvaged is our first!

Made from antique/salvaged US Army canvas tent. With our authentic nubuck leather Wiseguy logo embossed back-piece and connectors.

The US Army tent was purchased by us in one piece and our experienced seamstress has cut out perfect strips of canvas for the straps.
The canvas has been meticulously washed, dried and painstakingly sewn with beautiful stitching into perfect straps. Equipped with our new antiqued brass sliders on all straps, these braces have a super casual look and feel about them.
The color of the canvas has beautifully faded into Army green patina. The combination with the dark brown nubuck leather and antiqued brass clips and sliders make it a beautiful fashion accessory. Each piece is unique.

Made of recycled antique US Army tent canvas. The back strap is made of the highest quality European 1.3 inch/3.5 cm wide woven Army green elastic fabric and finished with dark brown nubuck leather connectors. All sliders made from antiqued brass finished material.

Your Wiseguy Suspenders include 3 clips and 3 lobster hooks, if -for some strange reason- one let's you down. The lobster hook will never let you down as it cannot pop-off your pants when you make that 12 ft jump. 

You can optionally choose to add leather loops to fit your style.

Material: Antique salvaged US Army tent canvas, back strap partially made of European made Woven Elastic 

Leather: Brown nubuck leather back-piece and connectors

Sliders and lobster hook antiqued brass finish 


    Choose your style: 

    Clip-on Suspenders

    The clip-on suspenders are taking the world by storm as it’s easier and more convenient than buttons. You don’t have to go through the trouble of sewing in buttons in your trousers. This style gives a contemporary look and is used when you wear your suspenders more casually. Clip on suspenders can be attached to almost anything but don’t attach them to your boxers, you’ll look kinda weird.

    Even though our suspenders have quality clips we always add:

    • Extra clips for your convenience as we know how frustrating it can be when a clip 'gives up'.

      Button-on set (optional)

      Wearing suspenders with our authentic leather loops and buttons is old school, it looks great and it’s how they were worn back in the good old days. Hardcore suspender aficionados see it as the only way to wear them - but we dare to say - wear your suspenders any way you like. If you do choose for button-on, which obviously looks great - you should sew in 6 buttons, 4 in the front and 2 in the back. Or use the Wiseguy original hammer-on buttons, at the outside of your pants.
      That's why - when you order this set - we have added:

      • Sewing kit, otherwise you’ll have to search for a good needle and thread 
      • 6 buttons to sow in your pants
      • Button distance indicator 
      • 3 leather loops in matching colours
      • 8 Wiseguy original hammer-on buttons.
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          Clips only version | medium/large (1.60 m - 2.00 m / 5’3” - 6’7”)



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