wiseguy suspenders sleeve garters herringbone
wiseguy suspenders black sleeve garters holders
Sleeve Garters Herringbone Black No. S5113

Sleeve Garters Herringbone Black No. S5113


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Functionality meets old school cool.
Back in the good old days, men's shirts didn't have buttons at the cuffs, so they would not stay up and get stained. Sleeve garters or suspenders would be worn to keep them up and make the sleeve a bit shorter, especially for work. And even though we have cuff buttons nowadays, A pair of Wiseguy Sleeve Suspenders will still help your sleeves stay up and will never let you down in a most fashionable way.

European elastic: Black Herringbone
Leather parts: USA Nubuck leather W embossed in black color
Metal adjusters: silver

Never let you down.

Wiseguy Original products are made to last. We adhere and vow to slow fashion principles. Good design, comfort, highest quality ingredients.


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