Man on a motorcycle wearing Wiseguy Suspenders

It doesn't matter what size you are, our suspenders will always fit.

The adjustability of trouser suspenders or braces has always been one of their most appreciated features. No wonder Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain named his project “Adjustable and Detachable Straps...
Man reading paper and wearing Wiseguy Suspenders

Suspenders or braces

So, what is the difference between Braces and Suspenders (if there is any difference)? Braces If you call suspenders braces, you are possibly British or into tailored clothing. Braces is the term t...
Elastic vs Leather Wiseguy Suspenders

Elastic vs leather Suspenders

Wiseguy Suspenders are made from quality elastic fabric and finished with nickel adjusters; they come in a variety of colors, patterns and finishes.
Burgundy elastic Wiseguy Suspenders on jeans

Clip-on vs Button Suspenders

There is a big debate on whether the clip-on or button-on suspenders should be worn and why. Many believe the choice between the two clearly indicates your personality and style.
Why groomsmen with suspenders are the best combination at every wedding

Why groomsmen with suspenders are the best combination at every wedding

You’ll only get one chance to do it right at your wedding, the once in a lifetime (at least for most of us) event! Whether you go for the authentic classic or a more modern look, add suspenders for...
Man wearing Wiseguy Suspender Facewear in the city

Wiseguy FaceWear was created as part of the Wiseguy philosophy

Our slogan is ’Never let you down’ and we thought it would be good to add high quality non-medical masks to our collection which get the same manufacturing attention to details as our evergreen Sus...
schorem barber pole striped wiseguy suspenders

Barbers and Suspenders for the Perfect Vintage Look!

In the last few years barber shops have been experiencing a revival, becoming cool places where to hang out and get a trendy yet unique look. A bit like tattoo shops, they are nowadays considered t...
woman with sexy wiseguy suspenders

5 Reasons why Suspenders are SEXY!

1 – Anytime anywhere Suspenders look sexy on any outfit and look. It may seem impossible, but it’s actually the case. Leather suspenders on jeans and a denim shirt immediately create a hot, rugged ...
camel brown leather hosenträger wiseguy suspenders

Suspenders: functionality and trend throughout history

Few man’s garments have made as many appearances in different times of history as suspenders. Known as “braces” in British English, suspenders have been around for centuries; at the time of Louis X...